Eliminate Facebook and Google as ID for AmpliFi.Lan

  • I would much prefer to (optionally) set up my own account and password instead of Google or Facebook. I do not trust their privacy at all. Using these is lazy and not becoming a quality company. So please change AmpliFi.lan and AmpliFi.com to add a regular log in system.

  • I to are not to keen on giving Google (just deleted Facebook) to much of my information. I have tried to find out what information Google are able to access when using their signin system, but to no avail. All I have been able to find is what 3rd party can get from Google. Maby someone her can enlighten me @UBNT-Gunars. What meta-data can google read from my sign in? I'm guessing time, location, ip, are there anything else?

  • +1 from me in Norway.

    Just say the word GDPR, are you in control of this data when we must use Google or Facebook from us in EU?

  • We're planning to add our own SSO as an option. It's the in-house solution from UniFi.

    @Øyvind-Thoresen: I think that using these authenticators gives them little additional information. In the case of Google login with Android app, I would assume they already know, and enabling remote access makes no difference from a privacy perspective.

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