Disable DHCP Server

  • Please add the ability to disable the DHCP server. This is a very basic function that can be turned off on any router. For the amount of money we've spent on this device, this should be an option out of the box!

  • How about being more constructive on your post ?

    Sure it is a simple option to add but im not so sure that the tone your using is constructive to getting the job done.

  • Peter,

    I apologize if my tone came off unconstructive to you. I will try to re-phrase my comment. Considering the cost of these devices, we should have more options and features available that are features available in comparable products. In this case, we do not have the option to disable the DHCP server. I would like to request to have this option available in order to use an alternate DHCP server. In my case, I would like to use my Raspberry Pi which is running Pi-Hole for ad blocking. Allowing the Pi-Hole to be the DHCP server will allow better reporting of devices on my network.

  • @victor-licon Hi, I also want this, but fortunately other reason. I got mine Pi-hole to show the different dns names on the network as devices without having the Pi-hole as DHCP.

    The reason I want to turn off DHCP is https://community.amplifi.com/topic/944/do-amplifi-want-me-to-buy-more-of-their-products-or-not/1

  • I would really like the option to diable the DHCP server as well. I have another device on my network that functions as a DHCP server and right now the only option is to run the Amplifi in bridge mode which disables the family and device control functionality.

  • I would like this option to disable DHCP as well. I also have a devise I want to add to my network that needs to function as a DHCP server.

  • I see the ability to disable a very bad implementation of DHCP server in Amplifi is still falling on deaf ears after people have been begging for this functionality. I too want this basic request fulfilled. It just seems that you can buy the cheapest, crappiest router on the market today and it has way more control than this expensive white cube. It is very apparent the processing power of this device was under-engineered but for crying out loud, the ability to disable DHCP is only going to free up resources. Why is this such a problem? What exactly are the prior series of updates addressing, because I see no major changes? When the time comes I am going to have great pleasure in putting this router inside the jaws of my bench vise and slowly compress it into a flat frisbee. I will probably have some gangsta rap playing the backround and post it on YouTube so people can be wary of the pretty packaging being pushed to the masses.

  • @daniel-perez I’m assuming for starters that features like QOS, guest network and all the family stuff rely on AMPLIFI being the DHCP server. So it isn’t just simply a matter of adding a toggle to turn it off.

  • @chris-dunlop Actually, no - other devices allow disabling the DHCP server while supporting QoS, Family settings, guest network, etc. Every Netgear I've ever owned, for example. I took a chance and switched from Netgear to this and I'm beyond shocked. As I just told support, I didn't research this capability any more than I research whether a car I'm considering buying comes with WHEELS.

    Returning this POS to Best Buy. I wish I could bill Ubiquiti for travel time.

  • @brett-hacker said in Disable DHCP Server:

    Actually, no - other devices allow disabling the DHCP server while supporting QoS, Family settings, guest network, etc.

    Sure.. didn't say it wasn't possible. Said it probably wasn't as easy as adding a toggle to an application.

  • So today I sat down to setup another device as a DHCP server in my home. Went to turn off the function in my HD unit .. I can't? Really?

    I don't regret too many technology purchases, but this is one. The hacky workarounds aren't for me either.

  • @gregory-coan-0 You can always turn on the Bridge mode, I guess. Which will disable the DHCP server, along with some other linked features, but Guest network will still work, wifi / Mesh system will work.

  • I've got to be honest.......I tried to move my DHCP to Pi-Hole as well today for countless reasons. Not the least of which is the complete lack of reporting available in in AmpliFi. I can't even get a list of clients to export with MAC, IP etc.

    It seems the only way to administer this router is via my phone. That's crazy to me!

    That being said, I was also shocked there was no option to turn off DHCP.

    The longer I have this setup the more feature-lacking it appears. Very sad coming from Ubiquiti at the price-point it has. I was running an Asus AIMesh network that worked awesome for years until one of the routers finally went out. I don't think there was a feature those things didn't have plus you could flash 3rd party firmware to them etc. When I went to buy a replacement Asus I decided to look at options for newer networking gear and found this.

    I really don't want to have to buy another Asus at this point after already purchasing this system for $350......

  • Installed Pi-Hole today, now I figure out I cannot disable AmpliFi's build in DHCP server. Bummer!

  • @Luc-Van-Dyck in my experiments I couldn't find a way to do it without also disabling routing and NAT features.

    I have since moved to UniFi however, I don't run my pi-hole anymore right now......yet.

  • I saw some posts saying you can limit the DHCP server to 1 address , and then make a dummy static ip address reservation to use that address, effectively disabling the dhcp server. That way I can go back to using pihole for DNS/DHCP.

    However, I haven't tried it yet. I have work tomorrow but after that I can afford to break my home network by tinkering with dhcp settings.

    I'll report back here what I discovered. The Amplify Alien better than my Unifi Security Gateway(USG) at many things, but the DHCP server is not one of them. The $99 USG smokes the $700 alien at pretty much everything else.

    I might be returned the Alien and getting a product that gives me more control over network services.

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