Teleported Ethernet Backhaul

  • In case anyone else is interested, you can use an AFi-R HD Mesh Router as a mesh-point in wired backhaul mode (Ethernet Backbone Enabled) at the remote location downstream from the Teleport.
    I setup up the HD Mesh Router as a mesh-point and enabled Ethernet Backbone locally at the home location first, then transported it to the remote location.
    (Note: I have been unable to get an HD Mesh Router or an HD MeshPoint to attach to/extend a Teleport over WiFi, so I am not sure if you can get the Ethernet backhaul working without setting it up at the home location first.)
    Once the remote AFi-R is up, you can then also extend the home network SSID mesh further if you wish (I only tested this with an HD MeshPoint I had on hand).

    I am using this Teleport at a fixed remote location that has a laptop, multiple iPhones, multiple iPads, an AppleTV and a HomePod,.
    Connecting them all through the AFi-R (Ethernet for the laptop and AppleTV) seems to be working much much better now.

    I am still playing with it, but just wanted to let others know that it works.

    Other Notes:
    This does mean you have to connect the Teleport via WiFi to the WAN network
    I also changed the Teleport to broadcast a different SSID from the home network SSID which the AFi-R also uses
    Prior, for simplicity, I had the Teleport broadcasting the same SSID as my home network
    The teleported AFi-R will be on the home network's timezone affecting Night Mode and the display, so I just turned off the LCD altogether

    PS - Please AmpliFi, please create a dual wired Ethernet Teleport (WAN & LAN) so that WiFi can be taken out of Teleport WAN connection
    PPS - Please AmpliFi, please just incorporate Teleport into the AFi-R HD Mesh Routers to eliminate needing an extra device

  • @derek-saville What kinds of speeds are you seeing? And can you explain the remote setup further?

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