Pre-sale questions re: MeshPoints

  • I live in Mexico and have a Netgear Nighthawk R7800. I am considering buying some MeshPoints to extend the wireless coverage into a "pseudo-mesh" network design. I have a few questions however.

    1 - the outlets near where I am needing to put the MeshPoints are ungrounded with the 2 prong outlet. Can I use the Meshpoints with a 3 prong to 2 prong converter?

    2 - How many sq feet does a MeshPoint cover? Approximation is fine.

    3 - Is it correct that the MeshPoints can use the SSID from the NightHawk R7800 and "hand off" signals to the next device that has a higher signal ratio like the Orbi does with its satellites?

  • Hi @steven-farmer - please note that my experience is a little out of date with 3rd party routers as I eventually changed to an HD Mesh Router in bridge mode.

    1 - yes, I have used MeshPoint HDs with 3 prong to 2 prong converters. Just know that the converters I tried weren't very tight fitting and because they cause the MeshPoints to stick out further from the wall, they could be knocked out of the socket if someone bumprs into them. I ended up installing 3 prong outlets (without grounding wires) so the MeshPoints would fit tighter and more flush to the wall.

    2 - coverage is affected by so many variables that it is hard to estimate. How many walls/floors do you want to go through? What are the construction materials? 5GHz vs 2.4GHz , etc. In unobstructed free space, range is quite good (i.e. extending a mesh outside of a house) but I have never measured it.

    3 - yes, they will pseudo-mesh your R7800's SSID. But the decision to "hand off" is controlled by the client devices, not the access points. So how well (or how fast) your client devices will roam between the R7800 and the MeshPoints is hard to predict. With older firmware, I was experiencing slow transition times on Apple devices. But AmpliFi has been working on improving hand off a lot with recent updates.
    If you actively roam a lot while streaming video or making WiFi calls, you really need to just test it out in your environment with your devices.
    I would just recommend making sure you can return the MeshPoint HDs if they don't meet your expectations.

    But in general, pseudo-meshing a 3rd party router did work, and should work well if they got the roaming hand off bugs worked out.

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