Add support DFS channel

  • as of now for European countries AmpliFi app supports channel upto 48, which means AmpliFi or any Ubiquiti devices doesn't support DFS channel yet due to the country regulations.

    When will this be added for Europe ?
    With 80Mhz bandwidth you only have one channel, this might be a problem with more people getting 5Ghz wifi.

  • @UBNT-Gunars

    Any reason why AmpliFi doesn't support DFS in Europe? You can use DFS channels on UniFi AP's.

  • We have the same thing in Australia. We're limited to just the 36-48 and 149-161 bands with the Amplifi, but with DFS there are a lot more frequencies that can be used. See here.

  • Not having DFS support is an issue for UK users who have Sky Q TV (a lot of people in the UK have this!). The Sky Q boxes use a mesh system that runs on 5GHz channel 36 which can't be changed. This then affects performance of the AmpliFi system as it can't be moved to a none overlapping 5GHz DFS channel.

  • @Michel-Meuwese, @Peter-Farrar, @Stephen-M-Baines: we don't support DFS channels because of likely compatibility issues with client devices and the potential disruption to mesh network setup and usage. It's also not something we can easily add in beta, as it requires a long certification process.

  • @ubnt-gunars
    I really don't understand that if i buy a cheap tplink or linksys device it has dfs channels and the unifi devices also support it.
    for me 802.11ac without dfs feels like a Ferrari with an Volkswagen engine.
    If I would have known this I would have never bought the AmpliFi HD Mesh Router.

  • @michel-meuwese I understand your frustration, but DFS is harder to do in mesh systems, and is generally not supported.

  • @peter-farrar I have been having lots of trouble with my Amplifi system in the UK, with constant drop outs and transmission rate reductions on the 5Ghz band. After much trouble shooting, I narrowed it down to SkyQ interference.

    There is a solution.

    SkyQ runs its mesh network for video relay by default on channel 36 5Ghz, 80 bandwidth. This means it uses the whole of the UNII-1 band, which is the only one available on Amplifi in the UK. This was causing interference with my local network, causing drop outs on all devices.

    The solution is to run Amplifi at 40 bandwidth, on channel 48 (effectively channel 46). You then go in to engineer menu on SkyQ and change its channel to 36 at 40 bandwidth. You then have no interference, and problem is solved.

    A more elegant solution would be to have native support for the UNII-2 5Ghz channels in the UK.

    Amplifi support: Any progress on making this happen?

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