Make use of the USB port for centralized backup (minimum)

  • Last week Apple discontinued their router line, the only one that allows for central Time Machine backup of multiple devices using the USB port and a simple USB drive. They are selling the super expensive Linksys Velop in their place and it doesn't even have this feature.

    PLEASE, please be the ones who will incorporate this into your product and you are the hands down winner for Smart Home deployments. You have the ports, have the ability to have different SSID names on 2.4 and 5 (don't take that away) and it is a damn nice looking product. (see ).

  • @stuart-hamilton

    I just want to be able to connect a hard drive to my router for remote and local access. It’s amazing that it’s not available yet as a feature given that I am sure it is in great demand. As far as I can see the USB port is only good as a power source right now.

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