5GHz = Channel 40 Only?

  • I have run into a situation a few times where Teleport cannot seem to find a 5GHz SSID that I know is working fine and seen by all other devises.

    I was able to go into the Access Point’s configuration and by changing the channel to 40, Teleport could finally see the SSID and connect @ 5GHz.

    All other channels available on the AP were tried (136, 128, 120, 112, 104, 64, 56 & 48) and could not be detected by the Teleport.

    Bandwidth was set to 40, but I tried 20 as well and it did not make a difference.

    This is with firmware 2.6.3.

    I recalled a similar issue with MeshPoint HD’s trying to connect to 3rd party routers, so I factory reset one and plugged it in as well.
    The MeshPoint HD showed the same problem - it could only detect 5GHz SSIDs on channel 40.

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