Teleport Dongles

  • A few ideas for Teleport dongles:

    1. USB to Ethernet + Teleport = many laptops no longer have Ethernet ports and require a USB to Ethernet dongle, so how about building Teleport access directly into one?

    2. USB Powered Inline Teleport Ethernet (no wireless) = this would be great to use with existing HD Mesh Routers (assuming the USB port can supply enough power)

    3. USB WiFi Teleport = single device use, WiFi for WAN internet access only , USB virtual Ethernet connection to the laptop/PC

    If necessary (i.e. power availability from USB) use the laptop/PC/device for the VPN processing via app/driver.

    For example, dongle #2 could simply unlock Teleport functionality for an HD Mesh Router, so you can monetize it as an upgrade.

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