SNMP Monitoring

  • It would be good to support SNMP (read-only) for gathering basic stats. Some that come to mind:

    • Bandwidth Util (per Ethernet port)
    • Bandwidth Util (Wifi - Total System)
    • Bandwidth Util (Wifi - per device - Router/MP)
    • of Clients (Total System & Per Device)

  • Why would you want snmp in a consumer product?

  • I agree, SNMP would be a very welcome addition. Having the app show traffic is nice for current network information but provides no history or ability to visualize long term traffic patterns

  • @rick-van-soest If you use any of the free monitoring tools out there, you can get a ton of information. I had a Mikrotik RB2011 before I switched to the Amplifi HD, and I was able to monitor all the ethernet ports for bandwidth as well as the WiFi radio, but I was also able to monitor CPU, Temp, and WiFi SNR Floor. So I could see what channels were being used the most in my neighborhood, and adjust my device accordingly. It's very useful, and very simple to use.

  • I agree, It's an extremely common protocol and very capable of collecting stats for analysis and charting.

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