SNMP Monitoring

  • It would be good to support SNMP (read-only) for gathering basic stats. Some that come to mind:

    • Bandwidth Util (per Ethernet port)
    • Bandwidth Util (Wifi - Total System)
    • Bandwidth Util (Wifi - per device - Router/MP)
    • of Clients (Total System & Per Device)

  • Why would you want snmp in a consumer product?

  • I agree, SNMP would be a very welcome addition. Having the app show traffic is nice for current network information but provides no history or ability to visualize long term traffic patterns

  • @rick-van-soest If you use any of the free monitoring tools out there, you can get a ton of information. I had a Mikrotik RB2011 before I switched to the Amplifi HD, and I was able to monitor all the ethernet ports for bandwidth as well as the WiFi radio, but I was also able to monitor CPU, Temp, and WiFi SNR Floor. So I could see what channels were being used the most in my neighborhood, and adjust my device accordingly. It's very useful, and very simple to use.

  • I agree, It's an extremely common protocol and very capable of collecting stats for analysis and charting.

  • Just to add a voice. I need to monitor total bandwidth and reset monthly. Either add an a option to zero out total usage on the 1st of the month or add SNMP for bandwidth monitoring.

  • @scott-buchanan Thank you for sharing. You can reset the monthly statistics manually but I will add the automatic reset feature to our feature requests. To reset it manually, select the performance tab in the app and swipe left to view statistics. Here is where you will find the reset button.

  • @ubnt-brett And how about a hint about whether SNMP support is on the horizon?

  • @sasha-petrovich No future ETA to report, but I will add your voice to this feature request as well!

  • Replying just to support this question. Either SNMP or any other REST API would be great to have at least traffic statistics on WAN port.

  • @ivan-grynov Thanks, I will add your voice to this feature request as well.

  • I would like to gather statistics on how much data each client consumes, charted hourly... I was hoping I could use SNMP for this purpose, but a built-in solution would be great, something similar to what I can see in the unifi controller...

    Has SNMP made it to a roadmap? Or alternatively more robust traffic monitoring options?

  • I would also like this. It would also be great to see UNMS support.

  • add my vote for this x1000

    bad enough that we can't get logs out of the damn thing -- at least give us stats so we can SPoG.

    I get there's no snmp stack in my nest thermostat and no syslog out of my xbox, however Amplifi is network gear.

    let me poke it for stats like all my other network or service infrastructure gear fer cryin out loud.

    fwiw, drobo products are in permanent exile for this reprehensible practise too -- I will never again recommend their products, in fact I recommend against them for this very reason.

    don't make me do the same for Amplifi.


  • @rob-vanhooren We cannot guarantee that this is the direction we will be going or that this feature will be implemented, but I will add your voice to this feature request as well!

  • I requested this feature in another thread recently but based on one of the earlier comments on this thread, I just had to speak up again.

    "Why would you want SNMP on a consumer product?"

    Perhaps this was true 2 years ago, and granted I'm totally new to the Amplifi product line, but what makes something a consumer product? The design, performance, and stability (so far) of the Alien router is unlike anything I've seen and I've been in this IT thing for... well lets say a long time. If you want to limit a rock star product by holding back software features so that it can be called a consumer product, that makes no sense whatsoever. "Pro" or maybe call it "enthusiast" features can be added that the regular consumer doesn't even know or care about, without increasing complexity of the app/interface, but the IT geek can find documentation and use these features if needed. Just stick it behind an "Advanced" menu option if ya have to. 🙂

  • @robbie-foust Thank you for your input! Again we cannot guarantee this feature will be implemented but we will certainly pass along your voice for this feature.

  • +1 for SNMP Monitoring, please! For such a great device, the lack of ability to report on what clients are doing makes for a less desirable value proposition for those of us with smart homes.

  • +1 for this feature to be added. With more and more ISPs setting data caps, it would be nice to know whats using the most data on the network.

  • Adding another request to view data usage by client. With the current stay at home order in place, this is becoming more and more of an issue in managing our families internet usage.

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