SNMP Monitoring

  • Upvoting this: +1 for SNMP Monitoring!

  • Also consider this an upvote. I love Amplifi for its robust and simple setup. It just works. I personally need a deeper feature set from my routing, but its perfect for my parent's home where I've installed. That being said, I also have a network monitoring node there to monitor my parent's connect status. SNMP would be a huge advantage to allow monitoring of the Amplifi in my monitoring software of choice.

    Please give us SNMP.

  • I want to add my vote for adding SNMP; I was bummed to see my data statistics on the netwwork I can only see the WIFI data usage, not the ethernets port and right now I am transferring about 600GB locally and I wanted to make sure we are keeping the network speed up.

    thank you; and stay safe. 🙂

  • Add my vote to this too. Even if it's a premium option that needs to be unlocked by a one time purchase. Yes, I need it so bad that I want to pay for it. I need to have basic and advanced tracking specially around what the kids are doing online and what bandwidth they consume.

  • @Dany-Thivierge consider buying an edgerouter on the front side and a dlink dgs1100 switch on the back side both of which have snmp

  • @Propeller-Head that would give me overall usage, or wired usage but unless I do not understand this will not give me each wireless connection/users usage...

  • +1 for SNMP-Monitoring or any other industry standard (REST-API e.g.)

    I'm pretty sure this thing has SNMP or similar on board, let us take a peek at that data. 😉

  • +1 on some way of gathering stats from Amplifi. I'd really like to read simple stats and stuff them into a time series db like influx.

  • +1 for some kind of per device data monitoring for AmplifiHD.

  • +1 for SNMP or anything else I can use to track usage. You make a technically beautiful product that appeals to the IT sector and refuse to add any IT tools. I don't get it!

  • +1 here also. I have a hard cap of 150 gigs a month and having a visiting child has used up 17 gigs in 8 hours and I need to know on what because I'm 1 day into the month and looking at a real bad time ahead

  • @Shawn-Savage exactly our situation too. 4 kids and as we reach the end of each month and about to hit our bandwidth cap, it would be so good to be able to show how much they're each burning through. Just a basic table showing total data per device.

    Being able to knock a device back to dial-up speed instead of just pausing it would be great too, but that's probably asking to much. So they can still connect for messaging, but trying to stream video etc will be pointless.

  • @Trent-Drake It's funny you mention the throttling. Netflix does a fantastic job of consuming less bandwidth when detecting connection issues but I learned the hard way that Amazon Prime Video does not and cannot be adjusted through the TV App. I actually have to log in to my laptop and run an HDMI cable to the TV so that I can throttle through the browser just to save bandwidth.

    Starlink cannot come fast enough

  • @Shawn-Savage It has the buttons for 'standard, streaming, gaming' per device. I wish that could just add 'crap speed'.

    My solution is to just pause, un-pause, pause, un-pause for a couple of minutes so it starts buffering or Fortnite stays connected but the pingspeed is so bad they give up and do something else. Then they just blame 'the internet' instead of me if i just switched it off.

  • Just wanted to add my +1 to this. It's very much a consumer problem to have to monitor devices and fix bandwidth usage issues - as consumer internet is the service with data caps.

  • +1 ... or count me as a rep for the entire rural community if you'd like...

    • I was very surprised that this wasn't included in the platform when I installed it. So many people in the country like me do not have broadband access and are on internet with data caps like Satellite or cellular/fixed wireless that its critical to know when and where our data is going - moreso now than ever when we have this 'work from home', 'school from home', etc. I'm using secondary apps to try to isolate my 'data leaks' but having to buy yet another piece of hardware is cost prohibitive, and I don't have the ability to install the apps on some of the IoT devices running in my household.

    This is really basic log data that we need access to in order to manage our home networks, that would take SO LITTLE effort from you guys to push out there. Please, it really is something quite necessary.

  • +1. I have unlimited data, so I'm not so concerned about data usage, but I'd like to be able to monitor:

    • connected devices (read: the ARP table)
    • signal strength to clients connected via WiFi, and which router/MeshPoint they are connected to
    • mesh topology and signal strength (I have 2 routers and 2 MeshPoints)
    • uptime

  • SNMP is still not available !

    Please, put +1.
    Not wait, put +1000 :=)

  • +1 for SNMP or an API to collect metrics.
    I just bought a Amplifi Alien, superb product, but this is the most advanced blackbox router on planet earth.
    Funny enough, I like it but at the end, for a lower budget, I could have get a ER-X with two APs which would gave access to UNMS.
    Is there a way to integrated the Amplifi within the Unifi Controller app or UNMS?
    Thanks a lot,

  • +1 for this capability. Every house with multiple kids doing school from home is now worried about data caps.

    Let's go, Amplifi!

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