SNMP Monitoring

  • Upvoting this: +1 for SNMP Monitoring!

  • Also consider this an upvote. I love Amplifi for its robust and simple setup. It just works. I personally need a deeper feature set from my routing, but its perfect for my parent's home where I've installed. That being said, I also have a network monitoring node there to monitor my parent's connect status. SNMP would be a huge advantage to allow monitoring of the Amplifi in my monitoring software of choice.

    Please give us SNMP.

  • I want to add my vote for adding SNMP; I was bummed to see my data statistics on the netwwork I can only see the WIFI data usage, not the ethernets port and right now I am transferring about 600GB locally and I wanted to make sure we are keeping the network speed up.

    thank you; and stay safe. 🙂

  • Add my vote to this too. Even if it's a premium option that needs to be unlocked by a one time purchase. Yes, I need it so bad that I want to pay for it. I need to have basic and advanced tracking specially around what the kids are doing online and what bandwidth they consume.

  • @Dany-Thivierge consider buying an edgerouter on the front side and a dlink dgs1100 switch on the back side both of which have snmp

  • @Propeller-Head that would give me overall usage, or wired usage but unless I do not understand this will not give me each wireless connection/users usage...

  • +1 for SNMP-Monitoring or any other industry standard (REST-API e.g.)

    I'm pretty sure this thing has SNMP or similar on board, let us take a peek at that data. 😉

  • +1 on some way of gathering stats from Amplifi. I'd really like to read simple stats and stuff them into a time series db like influx.

  • +1 for some kind of per device data monitoring for AmplifiHD.

  • +1 for SNMP or anything else I can use to track usage. You make a technically beautiful product that appeals to the IT sector and refuse to add any IT tools. I don't get it!

  • +1 here also. I have a hard cap of 150 gigs a month and having a visiting child has used up 17 gigs in 8 hours and I need to know on what because I'm 1 day into the month and looking at a real bad time ahead

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