Bonjour Service: Amplifi HD vs Linksys Velop and Netgear Orbi

  • Just a quick note for anyone contemplating a home networking solution which must support Apple's Bonjour service for running an iTunes Home Sharing server as it hosts your iTunes Library for access by your devices.

    After 48 hours of using a new Amplifi HD system I can confirm it fully supports Bonjour and will wake a sleeping iMac server faithfully when your iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc sends a request to access your iTunes library on your sleeping Mac. Unlike the Linksys Velop twin pack and Netgear Orbi twin pack your iMac ITL server never losses network connection failing to answer your device's request for music when using the Amplifi HD.

    Both the Velop and Orbi lost connection here in my home every 20 minutes whether my iMac server went to sleep or whether the hard drive was kept awake and with the latest firmware installed on both companies routers and satellites. (This can be quite aggravating when you have to run down steps every 20 minutes just to wake a computer to listen to music from elsewhere in the house! Netgear and Linksys are aware of the issue but we don't have an ETA on when it will get fixed.)

    I also found better throughput and coverage throughout my home's extremities with the Amplifi HD vs the Velop and the Orbi which is an added bonus. (The Amplifi HD with a mesh point placed in my basement either 10 or 20 feet from my older iMac consistently shows a TX rate of 450mbps, the Oribi satellite was second best at 217mbps in the same location and the Velop node fluctuated consistently from 162mbps to a maximum of 217mbps).

    Amplifi, I'm impressed to say the least! My search for the perfect replacement for an aging Time Capsule is finally over.

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