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  • Let me preface this with the fact that I'm coming from 20 (?) years of AirPort and AirPort Admin experience. That doesn't make me an expert on any of this, I just have expectations that come from setting up a lot of AirPort routers.

    I have two AmpliFi HD routers, one upstairs connected to my cable modem, the other connected via a Cat 5 ethernet cable (I plan to upgrade this cable to Cat 6, maybe, we'll see) to a second AmpliFi HD downstairs. I have the second one configured as an Ethernet Backbone.

    These are excellent products and I'm extremely happy with them. Thank you to all in this online community who answered my earlier questions.

    I'm noticing some things that maybe need updating in the iOS app or, maybe I don't understand fully.

    In the last section of the iOS app: Information, on my upstairs AmpliFi HD router I have:

    Firmware update
    Support info

    When I go to that same section in the iOS app on my downstairs AmpliFi router hooked up via ethernet backbone I have:

    Support Info

    How would I know to or do a Firmware update on my downstairs AmpliFi router connected via ethernet backbone?

    I realize that the way I have things set up, the second router is extending the reach of the first, but in my mind they're still two hardware devices that need naming and updating. The software seems to be treating them differently than I expected.

    This may be a piece of a larger concept I don't understand and I'll be happy to learn more about differences between the setup I have and the older AirPort Extreme to AirPort express setup I had before.


  • I'll take a stab at answering this one, although I only have the standard router/2 mesh point setup.

    The way you have it set up, the second-floor router (connected to the cable modem) is the one that provides the WAN link, serves DHCP, the DNS settings, etc. That's the boss router that has all the 'General/Internet/Wireless' settings on it. The downstairs router is acting more like a mesh point - you may have set up separate SSID, but it's getting its main settings otherwise from the 2nd floor router.

    So, your firmware updates will take place when you tap 'firmware update' on the 2nd floor router. The downstairs router will also get upgraded at the same time.

  • @thomas-chi I thought as much and thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I have the house set up as a single network. It does seem odd to me that the "slave" router's firmware is controlled by the control panel on the main router but if that's the way it's supposed to work, so be it.

    I'm curious, does it work that way with mesh point as well: their firmware is controlled by the AmpliFi router?


  • I don't use/have access to iOS app. But if you look at this photo link of my home network you will see that all devices are listed being controlled by main mesh router.. Even another amplifi router installed as a mesh point. Plus you can see the two mesh points that came in the original amplifi package.

  • @paul-messier Right Paul. I have a similar diagram although I have an ethernet connection between my two routers. The issue (its not really an issue, yet) is what will it look like when your downstream router needs a firmware update? Will that be controlled by the main router? How would one tell them apart?

    I can only speak for the iOS app which looks a bit different from your screen. I can't see my downstairs router via the AmpliFi web interface, just the upstairs.

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