AmpliFi MeshPoint HD outdoor installation

  • Hi all,
    I installed two days ago my Amplifi kit and I'm more than happy with the performance. I get the maximum speed that allow my fiber provider, finally!!! (300mbps/300mbps). I have only one floor, but i had shadow areas because the walls. Indeed, After the installation, I feel that maybe the second MeshPoint is not necesary... In the shadow area the devices are conected only to the first Mesh point and I get speeds around 200mbps... and both MeshPoint are conected to the main unit. I was thinking to install the second MeshPoint outdoor to extend my external coverage instead to keep inside....
    I read the documentation but i didn't see the IP specification for outdoors installation. Do you know if the MeshPoint HD is compatible for outdoor installations?
    If the answer is not, any solution compatible with amplifi?
    Thank you in advance for your answers.

  • I'm sure that the MeshPoints are not outdoor approved. If I needed an outside one I would look into stuffing it into a capped piece of thin, white PVC pipe (Schedule 40 pipe will work but is overkill) with a right-angle power connector. A piece of window screen on the bottom will keep the bugs out.

    You can test your PVC pipe for 2.4 GHz transparency using a microwave if so desired.

  • @adolfo-biagioni Thank you a lot for your answer!!!

  • I have one outside in a screen porch and it works just fine, but it is not directly exposed to water, only temperature (Texas, hot summers, mild winters.)

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