Upload Speed Problem

  • I have 100 mbs from my ISP. I had another mesh network before, and the download/upload speed was usually around 90 mbs. I recently purchased the stand alone amplifi router, and when testing speeds, the download speeds are fine, usually around 90mbs. However the upload speeds never go over 30 mbs. I have an open ticket with Amplifi that is about 1 week old. I do not have a modem, the internet just comes straight from the wall. I plug my laptop straight wire into the wall and get download/upload speed at 90's mbs. But when connecting wifi through amplifi i get upload consistently around 25mbs using speedtests. Even through the app under Performance, the upload speed never goes about 30 mbs. Just wondering if anyone on this forum has experienced this. I really want to like Amplifi, but if I can't get the upload speed resolved, i may have to go back to my old mesh network or go with another brand.

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