Amplifi as Acccess Point/Bridge mode vs Ethernet Backhaul

  • Hi - i am looking at try the Amplfi HD product for residential installs. Many will have their own router. I'm looking to use these as Access Points and wired whenever possible. I have a few quesions and hoping someone can answer them!

    1. Can you use your own router and setup 2 or 3 of the Amplifi HD routres as hard wired access points?

    2. If yes, this would be accomplished by putting them in Bridge Mode. Is that correct?

    3. If yes, are they all visible in the App?

    4. I have noticed on that they also have a feature called "Ethernet Backhaul." My question here is: what would be the difference between using that feature and just bridging them? Is this "Ethernet Backhaul" basically them same as bridging - but allows you to see them all on in the App?

    5. If "ethernet backhaul" has advantages - can you then setup multiple units this way? so the first one would be bridged and act as the main point and the others 'backhauled" to that one?

    I imagine i should just buy a couple and play with it, but if anyone installing these and can answer that would be great,


  • I am also interested in understanding the difference between ethernet backhaul vs an access point bridge. I currently own the Amplifi Alien Router in which is on the main floor of my home and I have an Amplifi Alien Mesh Point upstairs at the furthest end of the home. WiFi access is amazing but when I go into my finished basement, that's where my home office is and even though my LAN is wired throughout the house, my WiFi signal app on my MacBook Pro still indicates that my WiFi signal is poor in the basement. So I'm thinking of purchasing another Amplifi Alien Router and connecting an ethernet wire from my home office to it so that I can have full WiFi bandwidth broadcasted in the basement. Normally, this is configuring the second router as an access point and giving it the role of "bridge". However, Amplifi calls it Ethernet Backhaul so I'm wondering if the two terminologies are the same. If not, then what is the advantage of making the second Amplifi Alien Router an ethernet backhaul vs making it a bridge?

  • Hi @stevemb425 - installing a router as an access point (using Ethernet backhaul or wireless) allows it to be part of, and managed as, a singular mesh with additional features/benefits related to things like roaming

    If you install the router in Bridge mode, it will be an independently managed device access point, operating separately from the main mesh, although you can configure it with the same SSID and Password and your clients will still roam when they decide the signal strength warrants a change

    So RAMP mode (Rotuer as a Mesh Point) is essentially Bridge mode with easier management and the benefits of mesh technology

  • @Derek-Saville That makes sense. I wasn't sure and didn't want to assume and wasn't finding much on this topic on the web. Thanks for your input on this. I will look into purchasing a second Amplifi Alien Router and utilizing ethernet backhaul on it when I connect it via ethernet to my home office in the basement. My goal is to utilize it onto the existing mesh. Most appreciated with your input.

  • Hi @stevemb425 - you can follow the instructions on this link to set it up...

    You first need to add the router as a wireless mesh point, and then enable the Ethernet backhaul feature

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