using the amplify mesh points as a relay to extend range into a separate building

  • I have the amplify hd in my house and I am very pleased with its performance. I have built a workshop 150' from the house and I would like to have access to the wireless network there. I can get a signal at the door to the workshop but it has metal siding and minimal signal inside. Can the mesh points be hooked together to extend the range?

  • Kerry B

    Did you manage to resolve this problem please.

    If so how.


  • @nigel-steward Do you have a similar environment you are trying to setup a network in? AmpliFi has ethernet backhaul options that help bridge such a gap without any loss of performance.

  • @ubnt-brett

    Thank you Brett; yes I have a similar problem, and ethernet backhaul would be the ideal solution.

    But to get the cable through, with a change of levels, under a drive way, established lawn & flower beds & a footpath would be difficult & expensive. I've looked a boring but that's not an easy answer either. I think I have to extend my WLAN.

  • @nigel-steward You could use a point-to-point solution like this:
    You would need two of them, and I would recommend looking at it may help. 🙂

  • @nigel-steward said in using the amplify mesh points as a relay to extend range into a separate building:

    Thank you Brett

    Do I understand you correctly. Install a NS-5ACL NanoStation AC Loco on the wall of the house with an Ethernet (PoE) connection to one of my Amplifi HD (High Density) Mesh Routers, with a similar configuration at the remote end where I would install another router so the two NS-5ACL's act as a bridge?

    If I were to do this is set-up straight forward (for a 78 year old !).


  • @nigel-steward Yes that is correct!

    I have only set up the NanoStation AC Loco one time before, but I used the application and was able to configure both stations without any problems. Now I work in this industry so I have an advantage over others who don't, but the mobile app is extremely user friendly! If you do have any issues, the UBNT community is extremely helpful as well and I am confident in saying you can get it configured properly.

  • Many thanks Brett

    I'll investigate further here in the UK.

    The first stumbling block is that my usual supplier (BroadBandBuyer) doesn't have any Amplifi HD (High Density) Mesh Routers in stock, and can't say when they will be back.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this might be an indication that revised hardware is on its way.


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