Maximum number of mesh points used on one system?

  • Hi,

    I'm considering installing an Amplifi system into my large home. It's about 7,000 sq ft.
    I've seen it used at a friend's home and it worked.

    My question is are there a maximum number of mesh points you can add to the system before the network fails or slows up?

    I just asked a customer service rep and they said there is no limit, I find this hard to believe.


  • I suppose they are sort of right in that you can add as many as you like but as with any "Extended" system, the more hops it takes the more degraded the signal will eventually be. I suppose you could plan to use more than one router and have the main router + maybe a couple of other routers used as access points and then a couple of mesh points to get to the really bad coverage areas. That would work better with such a large house i would suspect?

  • I run 3 routers and 3 mesh points in my home at one time. The more mesh points you add, the more connection speed degrades.

    To give you an explanation of degradation: with 2 routers and 3 mesh points the fastest I see on the farthest mesh point is 40mbps with 3 amplifi boxes and one mesh point I see 90mbps on that mesh point. My speeds are 300mbps for reference.

  • So maybe buy more Routers than mesh points?

    How do you connect the routers to be on the same network? Just give them all the same SSID?

    (I'm not an expert btw)

  • @richard-colman you setup your first meshrouter as the main router, connected to your internet service etc.

    Then when you plug in additional meshrouters the Amplifi app will see it and ask if you want to join them to your network or create a new network (can't remember the exact wording).

    Basically they can act like meshpoints except they are better imho.

    After they are connected and everyone is happy you can connect then via ethernet if you want change the setting to ethernet backhaul. You do need to do this after they are setup though. Or you can just place then around your home as you wish without ethernet.

    You'll have one SSID with this setup that will broadcast on both the 2.4 and 5ghz bands.

  • @michael-easlick

    This one line you wrote is important:

    "Basically they can act like meshpoints except they are better imho."

    I can't stress this enough. If I knew what I know now, I would have never bought the Amplifi HD and bought 6 Amplifi routers for my home instead.

  • Thanks for the advice guys. So as to save a bit of money, would you say it's possible to have 3 routers and then 4-6 mesh points as well.

    Will the additional routers mean that mesh points nearer to them will perform better than if they were hopping next to another mesh point?

  • @richard-colman what do you have now? How many stories? Any brick or concrete walls/foundation? Do you have ethernet ran already? Where does your internet come into your home now?

    The good thing about Amplifi is a single meshrouters 2.4ghz signal isn't much less than the shitty Netgear it replaced. So you can kind of judge what you need by what you already have.

    Assuming three stories with with basement but no concrete or brick interior construction I would maybe start with a meshrouter on each floor as a starting point. You can always add to it if you find dead spots.

    I would avoid going all out on meshpoints though.

  • I'm based in the UK so all the external walls are brick, quite a lot of the internal walls and there will be large steel beams supporting most of the floors. No ethernet in the property and it's around 7000 sq ft.

    I'm not holding my breath.☺ ☺

  • @richard-colman well do report back with what you end up doing and be patient with it. It's a pretty easy system for plug and play but nothing is certian. Support for the most part seems very responsive, at least for me.

  • @richard-colman If you hardwire a few of them and use wireless backhaul you should be good.

  • @richard-colman

    I too am in the UK and face a similar problem, living in a single property which was built as three brick & flint cottages in the 16th to 18th Centuries. I currently have two routers & two mesh points, but need to extend the WiFi coverage, I'm contemplating adding two, possibly three, more routers.

    I say possibly three as I am wanting to extend coverage to my garage block which is free standing some 40 yards from the nearest router which is in the house.

    It would be interesting to hear how you got on.


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