Install Mesh Point Remotely

  • Is it not possible to install a mesh point remotely, even if I’m connected to my home network via a Teleport? Is this handled via Bluetooth on the device that has the Amplifi app installed? If so, is there a specific reason why it’s been architected as such?

  • Hi @jayson-knight - I recently installed 2 mesh points remotely, just had someone plug them in back home while I was remotely logged in via the app.

    Just to be sure, are you trying to install the mesh points at a remote Teleport location?

    Or are you remote and you want to install the mesh points back home?

  • @derek-saville I am remote via Teleport, and the mesh points are back at the mother ship.

    What you described is exactly what I thought should have happened. My assistant plugged the mesh point in, and it was not picked up by the Amplifi app as I would have expected it to do, which I found odd. She did tell me that the blue lights were flashing in “ready to configure” mode, so the mesh point was definitely ready.

    So maybe there’s a bigger problem? I’ll figure it out when I get back from this business trip I’m on.

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