Multiple Teleports Supported?

  • Update: I don’t feel like this is a hard question to answer. Any Ubiquiti staff have an answer for this? @UBNT-Gunars @UBNT-Chance ? If this is supported, I plan on buying quite a few of them for my remote contractors.

    Are multiple teleport devices supported, and if so, are they supported concurrently? Does this affect overall system performance in any kind of noticeable manner? I’m thinking about buying a Teleport for each of my family members for when they travel/etc.

  • @jayson-knight Anybody? This seems like an incredibly easy question to answer, yet it’s been sitting here for 2 weeks.

  • @jayson-knight I've not tried it personally but I've seen others post that they had 3 different Teleports on their network.

  • @shane-milton Any idea who the users are? I’d love to reach out to them and see what kind of performance degradation they’ve encountered.

    Thanks for the info!

  • @jayson-knight Do a forum search for "teleports" and you can dig up some posts. Here's one where @UBNT-Brett briefly commented on official support for multiple Teleports:

  • @jayson-knight I'm running 2 Teleports. One is in my office, running full-time back to my home, and one I travel with. I don't use both simultaneously though, so I can't comment on performance impact.

    They do work concurrently -- e.g. the one in my office is always on, and always has something connected to it, and when I travel the second one connects back to the HD with no drama.

  • @albert-lee That sounds cool. I’ll probably get a dedicated “backhaul” cube for the Teleports to pair with (and I don’t expect I’d ever have more than 7-8 at a time connecting in, and I have gigabit up/down so I can’t see it ever getting saturated, even if Amplifi’s 3x performance gain holds true).

    Thanks all, I think I can call this question answered.

  • Did you ever test this and get a solid answer? I'm looking to do this now for my office workers and would rather save the hassle of buying, trying, returning if it doesn't work.

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