Port Forwarding Not Working

  • Hello,

    So I've noticed that Port Forwarding has stopped working for my CCTV system. The port is 34567, I currently also have another port opened up for RDP which is working fine. I've tested the 34567 port from a range of devices as well as trying to use the DDNS and IP address neither of which work. I'm able to access the cameras on the internal network but as soon as I try and access it outside the network it doesn't work.

    Not sure why this would have stopped working as it was working fine. Also used a website to check if the port is opened. The RDP one shows as opened however, the cameras port (34567) doesn't.

    Help?! Tried rebooting and re-adding the port as well as trying a different port. I'm also running the latest stable version of the firmware (2.6.3).

  • Would be good to know what's going on here @UBNT-Gunars ?

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