Ethernet Backbone Mode

  • Hi,

    I have question regarding the ethernet backbone mode.

    I would love to use 2x Amplifi HD router. One in each floor and they should provide on Wifi Network.

    My LTE signal router is based in the basement connected with an external antenna on the roof. Next to it I have an Unify 8x POE switch. I connected the LTE router to the switch and now each floor and Amplifi HD router with the Unify switch.

    Than I setup the first Amplifi HD router in the groundfloor. Works nice.
    Next step was to add a mesh router ( Amplfi HD router in the 1st floor ) - I saw that the Amplfi HD router was used as a mesh router forwarding the signal from the groundfloor. It didnt use the ethernet signal from the basement.

    So I found the option: Ethernet Backbone
    I activated the ethernet backbon and ups - the 1st floor amplifi HD router was gone in the app. I cant connect me to the router anymore and I dont find it.

    Did I do anything wrong?

    Thx for your help!

  • Problem solved thx to the great support!!

    I had to enable the bridgemode at the main amplifi router. Simple as that.
    Than it restarted and since that I see both router in the lovely app!


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