AT&T U-verse with AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi system

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    Please bear with me as I am not a network engineer or IT professional. I have some deadspots in my home and I am looking for options to solve it. AmpliFi is a strong contender and I would like something that allows me to completely get rid of the U-verse Pace 5268AC gateway. Is that even possible?

    If it is, or if it is not, I need help understanding (dumb it down please) how to achieve either one or the other. If it is the latter, I would like to configure the 5268AC to just be the internet service receiver, but control everything else with the AmpliFi HD Mesh Router and its two MeshPoints for the deadspots.

    Can someone help? Thanks!

  • Hey, I'm not an IT professional or expert at all either, but spent enough hours on my setup that maybe it can help you somewhat. It's technically possible to get rid of your residential gateway, but it isn't really feasible for mere mortals like you or me. Especially if you also have TV and/or phone service through U-verse. The closest you can get is to connect your Amplifi to the gateway, and run all your internet (apart from your TV receivers and phones) through that. This is the second option you described, and it's how I had my setup for a couple of months.

    From looking at online manuals for the Pace 5268AC, what you're looking for is the function on it called "DMZPlus". (On other U-verse residential gateways it can be called "IP Passthrough".) Basically this will send all non-reserved traffic to the Amplifi, and give it your public IP address. I found these links which might be able to walk you through it:!/smb-internet/KM1188700

    After you do this on the Pace, then restart the Amplifi and hopefully you'll be all set. Hope this helps.

    Edit: Here's the post I found on completely bypassing the AT&T router, for fun.

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