Blacklist for Unwelcome Devices

  • Some of my neighbors have devices that persistently attempt to connect to my network. They don't have the password so they are unable to connect, but I would like the ability to add them to a blacklist of devices that are not welcome on my network.

    My short term solution was to create a profile for these devices, permanently pause it, and set a 23 hour 59 minute quiet time (24 hours is not allowed). I would like a better long-term solution that flags these devices as unwanted / hostile intruders.

  • Update: One of the devices was able to connect and obtain an IP address less than 24 hours after the SSID and password were updated using a secure, very long password. Not sure how much they can do since the device is supposedly paused, but the router seems to be allowing them to maintain a connection and obtain an IP address regardless.

    Given how long it took, I have to assume they exploited WPS. Please provide a means of disabling WPS as soon as possible.

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