2 routers and 3 mesh points

  • I’ve 2 HD routers and 3 mesh pointsand i hesite about the right locations for them.

    My house has 3 floors and is large. the connection arrive the third floor. The 2 routers will be linked via the cpl. For now i have put the 2 routers on the same floors on each side of the house and the mesh on different floors. What would you do?

  • There isn’t enough here to give specific advice, but general advice is to place the router near wherever you spend the most time, put routers or mesh points in the center of the house, and place mesh points where you have specific dead spots. Also don’t place routers or mesh points near physical obstructions (like a closet) or electrical (like a microwave or robot vacuum). If you place routers at opposite ends of the house, you’ll have poorest coverage in the center of the house and possible handoff issues.

  • @thomas-chi thanks for the advices. i think i have finally a good coverage. the things i’m not sure yet is how to test it correctly (for now i’m just relying on the UI of the app). Also which kind of details i could give to complete my question?

  • @benoit-chesneau I’m not at all an expert on this stuff, but others here are. I think what might be helpful is if you told us:

    The size of each floor and basic layout;
    Where your Ethernet jacks are (if you have any);
    Where you tend to spend the most time;
    Where your current dead spots are.

    Someone asked for help here a few weeks ago and drew a map. That might be more effort than you want to go to.

    As for testing, in addition to the Amplifi app you can try Ookla or other speedtest apps, or simply playing a YouTube video as you walk around the house. I downloaded an app called “Wi-Fi sweet spots” from the iOS App Store long ago which comes in handy for watching handoffs take place.

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