HD Router (AFI-R) availability

  • Curious as to what is going on with Router availability...

    I typically purchase most items from Amazon to keep orders/invoices in one spot. When I purchased Amplifi equipment last year I had noticed when the Mesh Points started "going out of style" Amazon dropped them directly, and now only available from third-party sellers.

    I went to purchase two more HD Routers last week, and noticed they were on back-order. I look today to see the status and Amazon has now dropped the HD Router as well? Once again third-party sellers only.

    Is there a delivery problem and should I be looking elsewhere?

  • @ryan-borntrager We are now directly selling the AmpliFi product on Amazon, this is why you are starting to see Amazon stock run out.
    We are listed as "AmpliFi Store" on Amazon.com

  • I tried to locate your store, but I've struck out. No amount of searching on Amazon is giving me any type of "Amplifi Store" options. Do you have a direct link?

    I guess my order is going to be stuck in limbo...

  • Purchased another standalone HD Router from the Amplifi Store last Thursday. Just went back to check and the Amplifi store is not listed under the Available from these seller's link or the new & used link. That was from searching Amplifi HD Router. The system is there, just not the standalone router.

  • Ouch, a storefront with only one product? Not exactly confidence building... Where is the rest of the Amplifi line-up? Teleport? White/Black router options?

    One would think this is costing sales? I can't be the only one trying to purchase a standalone Amplifi router via Amazon.

  • @ryan-borntrager I will look into this and see why all of the products are not showing up in the store.

  • @ubnt-brett Thought you might like to know. Thanks.

  • So Amazon has completely cancelled my order for the HD Routers (I was ordering multiples), saying they are "unable to obtain the items for your order."

    I now look and the only method to obtain is via third-party sellers, who all have conveniently increased their prices (with lead times a week or longer). The "Amplifi Store" on Amazon is still not working.

    I figure what the heck I'll buy straight from Amplifi, but I see their prices has ALSO increased to $149.

    So I ask, what is going on? The easiest online portal to purchase (i.e. Amazon) can't fulfill your orders, the price is getting jacked up by other sellers, and lead times are increasing? I'm starting to doubt my decision...

    Is anyone still buying this at a reasonable price? If so any pointers?

  • Some additional follow-up data:

    Best Buy - Sold Out (within 250 miles of my location)
    Fry's - Only 1 left available

    This just seems weird to me.

  • @ryan-borntrager Just FYI, currently the Amplifi store is up on Amazon, selling the HD kit for $309.99, the mesh router for $139.99, mesh point for $107.86, and Teleport for $99.99:


  • @thomas-chi No black cubes though. Wonder why that is? Something is whacky here for sure. I buy the black ones so they can be basically invisible, plus I can hardware stuff into them (mainly, A/V equipment/xbox/etc). OT, but I really wish the mesh points had a cat5 jack so I could run a switch out of them inside the wall to cat5 plates, but that’s just a fantasy at this point.

  • @Thomas-Chi Thanks for the update. The store now at least looks somewhat legit.

    Unfortunately if you actually try to add one to your cart--good luck. Back-ordered with availability now scheduled for June 10th (previously it was June 5th).

    As I mentioned earlier, Amazon already cancelled my order due to availability issues. There's clearly some behind the scenes stocking issues going on, which has caused various vendors to do some weird price modifications.

    It would be nice if someone from Amplifi could provide some real info.

  • @ryan-borntrager We are working to make sure that the AmpliFi Store on the Marketplace is always in stock even when Amazon is showing Temporarily Out of Stock. We should be fully in stock on all parts in the next week. When stock levels are consistent, amazon will not longer show Out of Stock when we have inventory.
    Sorry about the confusion though this process and working with us during the initial setup of our store.

  • @jayson-knight I've wanted that feature for quite awhile now. Then it would make the Mesh Points more useful for me.

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