Lenovo laptop not roaming on 2.6.3

  • Ever since updating to 2.6.3, my Lenovo W541 has stopped bring able to roam across access points. And in my office, where I'm using a wired-back-haul with a 2nd HD, it periodically drops connection without moving the laptop.

    My Setup:
    Amplifi HD 2.6.3
    2 mesh points
    1 HD with wired-back-haul
    Bridge Mode
    ASUS RT-AC68U using Merlin legacy 380.70 build with wireless disabled
    Band Steering On
    Router Steering Off

  • Intel Wireless-AC 7260 with default settings although I did change the "Roaming Aggressiveness"setting from 3-Medium to 5-Highest to see if it would help but it didn't seem to make a difference. Intel driver version .

    I have to disable/enable the device in order to get it to regain internet connection (Windows reports that it's "connected" to the AP but that there is no internet access)

  • Same issue on latest 2.7 FW .

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