Using an Airport AC as a MP or an Ethernet AP

  • Does anyone know if an Airport AC can be used as a mesh point or with ethernet backhaul as an AP for Amplifi HD? If possible could you point me to a document explaining how to set it up?


  • @hanz-shcaerp no, that will not work. If you want to add another device like an Airport to the network you can, but it will not mesh, it will act like a standalone device and will not do any handoffs to the mesh. This device will assume that it is the only device on the network.

    There is a new standard that was just announced that would make a universal mesh standard for consumers but it will be a long time before that is prevalent in the market and all of the devices out today will not support it. Even when it is supported it will still be a mess because vendor A will not want to spend support time trying to get vendor B's product working.

  • @john-fruehe Thanks John. I have decided to use roaming which does seem to work well with the Amp HD. I set it up with ethernet backhaul and between the amp router and the airport ac, I get full signal over the entire house.

    I hope the easy mesh certification is adopted by UBNT. It would be nice to use existing equipment since I have so much of it!!

  • The probability of easy mesh working with your existing products (especially Airport) is so low I would not even bother to think about it.

    You'll need new hardware in most cases, Qualcomm is a big enabler in the initiative and there is no way they would be pushing this functionality if it meant people could hold onto their older stuff longer.

    Trust me, even though there were many vendors supporting the initiative nobody is really calling out compatible products. Because they hate it. They all want a lock in and this is not a lock in. It will not succeed.

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